Representative Action

Interpretation of the law

Office Holders in a Company

Foundation of a Company

Directors’ Appointment and Term of Office


Term of Office of Director and Termination thereof

Right of Incorporation

Restrictions on Appointment and Termination of Office

Legal Personality

Corporation as a Director

Establishment and Registration of a Company

Substitute Director

Purpose of Company

External Director

Acts Performed by a Promoter

Appointment and Dismissal of Other Office Holders

Articles of Association

Duties of Office Holders

Contents of Articles and their Alteration

Duty of Care

Name of the Company

Fiduciary duty

Objects of the Company

Exemption, Indemnification and Insurance

Registered Share Capital and Distribution Thereof

Rights of Director

Limitation of Liability

Transactions with Interested ies

The Registrar of Companies

Capital of the Company

The Companies Registry

Securities and Transactions Therein

Keeping of Registers

Freedom to Diversify


Registered Share Capital

Structure of the Company

Issue of Securities

Organs of the Company, their Powers and the Liability for their Acts

Transfer of Securities

Division of Powers Among Principal Organs

Preservation and Distribution of Capital

Liability of Company for Acts of Organs

Permitted Distribution

Liability of Individuals in an Organ


Avoidance of Unauthorized Acts


The General Meeting

Prohibited Distribution

Powers of the General Meeting

Redeemable Securities

Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting

Acquisition of Companies

Convening and Direction of General Meeting


General Meeting of a Private Company

Special Tender Offer

Quorum at General Meeting and Chairman of General Meeting

Forced Sale of Shares

Voting at General Meeting

Purchase of Shares of the Minority by Holder of Control in a Public Company

Voting by Voting Paper and Statement of Position

Power to Purchase the Shares of Opposing

Minutes of the Meeting

Shareholders in a Private Company

Defects in Convening Meetings

General Provisions

The Board of Directors

Alteration of Class of Corporation

Powers of the Board of Directors

Foreign Companies

Chairman of Board of Directors

Compromise or Arrangement

Convening of Meetings of Board of Directors

Remedies and Monetary Sanctions

Meetings of the Board of Directors and their Direction


Voting at the Board of Directors

Monetary Sanctions

Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors

A Public Company Whose Shares are Traded Outside Israel

Defects in Convening Meetings of the Board of Directors


Committees of the Board of Directors

Repeal, Transitional Provisions, Application and Commencement

Audit Committee

Appointment of Auditor

The General Manager


Administration of the Company

Ending of Auditor’s Term of Office

Register of Shareholders and Register of Substantial Shareholders

Fees Payable to Auditor

The Registers

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of Auditor

Register of Shareholders

Financial Reports

Registration of Share Warrant

The Shareholder

Register of Substantial Shareholders and Additional Register of Shareholders Outside Israel

The Shareholder and the Share Certificate


Rights and Obligations of Shareholders

Reports of Private Companies

Derivative and Class actions

Reporting by Public Company

Derivative Action and Derivative Defense

Internal Auditor in a Public Company