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The Land and Real Estate in Israel

Israel Land Background

93% of the land in Israel is public domain; that is , either property of the state, the Jewish National Fund (J.N.F) or the Development Authority.
The Israel Land Administration (ILA) is the government agency responsible for managing this land which comprises 5,750,000 acres. "Ownership" of real estate in Israel usually means leasing rights from the ILA for 49 or 98 years.

Legal Framework

Four cornerstones make up the legal basis of the Israel lands policy:
Basic Law establishing the Israel Lands Administration (1960)
Israel Lands Law (1960)
Israel Lands Administration (1960)
Covenant between the state of Israel and the World Zionist
Organization (Jewish National Fund) (1960)

The Israel Lands Council sets policy. The chairman of the council is the vice prime minister, minister of industry, trade, labor and communications.

The council is comprised of 24 members; 12 represent government ministries and 12 represent the Jewish National Fund.

The director general of the ILA is appointed by the government.

Functions of the ILA (Israel Land Administration)

  1. Guarantee that the national lands are used in accordance with Israeli laws.

  2. Actively protect and supervise state lands

  3. Make state land available for public use

  4. Plan, develop and manage state land reserves

  5. Initiate planning and development
    (Including relocation of existing occupants)

  6. Regulate and manage registration of state lands

  7. Authorization of contracts and agreements with other parties

  8. Provide services to the general public

Israel Policy Objectives

Designation of land areas for public and state requirements
Assuring land reserves for future needs
Preservation of agricultural lands
Land usage in accordance with the law
Safe guarding the state lands

Israel Law Departments

Ownership and Registration
Planning and Development
Urban Transactions
Rural Transactions
Inspection and Supervision
Legal Counsel
Personnel and Administration
Information Technology
Internal Audit




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